tirsdag 15. desember 2009

Bad friends or good friends?

What do you call a friend who's sleeping with your boyfriend?.
White trash or a misfit?I would probably just call her a misfit, but that's just beacuse I'm cruel.
While I'm writing this, I'm kinda kicking myself from behind, if that's even possible...Never been the one to throw rocks in a glass house, but in this I having fireworks inside a tent.

What is a good friend?A friend who comforts you when the same boy cheats on you with her?The friend who tells you what a bad guy he is, and that you both are better of without him.When she's actually waiting for an sms from the same "bad" guy...
The friend who insists that you don't answer any of his calls og messages..
The friend who tells you to meet that boy, who's always looking at you..And forget the scumbag..
Well, this " friend" would never be me..I love my friends to death, and they mean the world to me.
And I really felt remorse over the forbidden guy ,except he wasn't that forbidden since theire relationship had been over for two years.
But still, to me this is forbidden fruit..And did it get me happines, pleasure or love?No, it got me a suspicious friend and friendship that was almost broken..
The only thing that made us survive is our belief that we both are on the same side....
But if I had told her that it did really happen,I'm sure that we wouldnt be friends today....Friends,but frenemies..

Instead I found a hole, took the truth and I stuffed it in there.
And don't misunderstand me, the hidden agenda in this text isn't that you should hide the truth..In my case I couldn't break her heart when I found out that she still loved him, and I knew that in the end she would forgive him and me...But my point is that she deserves better.
I wouldn't be the friend who told her that the boy was bad news, or that she would be better of, or that he fooled around...No, I would be the friend who tried to patch things up between them.

Because in this case, the boy really did love her, and he still does...Sometimes she loves him too.

To me, they would be perfect together..Theire like ying and yang.

But in the end the troublemaker never wins..